I’m here at the MMS 2010 in Las Vegas and I’m going to break out sessions, Self-Paced Hands-On Labs and Instructor Led Labs and it’s been a busy day. Especially since this is my first time coming to MMS and my first time in Las Vegas. I must say, I’m glad I brought running shoes!

One of my tasks is to review the next version of Configuration Manager currently being temporary called v.Next. Even though this product is in pre-Beta 1, and has not been released to the public for review (the Beta release will happen in about 2 weeks after MMS) I find this product a breath of fresh air. Microsoft really listened to us peeps when building the upgrade of ConfigMgr 2007.  items I’ve had complaints about and my customers asking to do are now added as part of the functionality. Since I’m reviewing Beta 1 of this product, this makes me more excited for what the final product will look like.

Some of the items I’ve noticed are:

  1. Less clicks to complete a task
  2. Desired Configuration Management (DCM) is now named Settings Management
  3. Settings Management now has Remediation
  4. Settings Management is easier to configure, however, I would still recommend CP Studio unless you really know WMI. I said it was easier, not easy.
  5. Application Management is cleaner by including the advertisements for them. After clicking on the application, the screen changes and you have the ability to review your settings, advertisements, and the application script.
  6. Now this version offers the ability to deploy by users or devices in a format that you can group them or not. I know ConfigMgr 2007 did that, but not like this. It’s a little hard to explain when I can’t show you screen shots, so you will have to believe me on this. There is one fault, that I’ve detailed to MS about around this, and I’m sure they will resolve this by the time the Release Candidate releases.


All of you that wish to see this will have to wait until the Beta version comes out in about a month. I’ll also when I’m allowed, I’ll start posting the cool features with screen shots to give everyone a look without having to install the product and try configuring to get the results.