Starting to get ready for MMS yet? I’m just beginning but I’m really looking forward to it. For background MMS is the Microsoft Management Summit and this year it’s happening in Las Vegas from April 27th to May 1st ( MMS 2009 looks like it’s going to be really interesting/I’m seeing a lot of great looking sessions from a variety of folks who I have lots of respect for including (but not limited to):

  • Gordon McKenna
  • Kerrie Meyler
  • Jason Sandys
  • Maarten Goet
  • Pete Zerger
  • Rory McCaw

There are also a host of Microsoft folks whose sessions I would like to attend: (Sorry if I missed anyone/there are a lot of great folks presenting at MMS this year!)

  • Ake Pettersson
  • Baelson Duque
  • Barry Shilmover
  • Boris Yanushpolsky
  • Daniel Savage
  • Dhananjay Mahajan
  • Joseph Chan
  • Justin Incarnato
  • Lorenzo Rizzi
  • Steve Rachui
  • Vlad Joanovic

I received word that one of my sessions was accepted for MMS 2009 and it was aptly renamed to: “Common Mistakes When Using Operations Manager and How To Avoid Them”. The abstract for this session follows:

"The focus of this session is to discuss critical issues that can occur when using (or misusing) Operations Manager 2007. Based on real-world issues found in the field, the discussion will focus on the root causes of these issues, their impact and how to resolve the problem once it has been identified."

So… Why the blog entry? While I personally have made a significant number of mistakes when working with OpsMgr I’m pretty sure that I haven’t yet cornered the market on that particular situation. If you have ideas for OpsMgr mistakes send them to me and I’ll include you in the credits for the presentation (if they are accepted in the presentation) and for the best suggestion I’ll see if I can get something cool to send to you as a thank-you! (Hey, lets see if bribery works!)

Send any suggestions to:!