I got an e-mail from Microsoft today announcing that they have release a version of OneNote for the iPhone.  So I had to go out and DL it.  At first glance it looks nice, but it does require that you attach it to your Windows Live Account.  If you haven’t already created a synched NoteBook in OneNote is it pretty simple.  You click on the Share tab of the ribbon bar and then click on the New Shared Notebook icon.


This will give you a screen where you can choose how to share the notebook.  You can select to share via the Web, give the notebook a name, and then select what folder you want to share it with on your SkyDrive account.



Then you can create notes on your PC or your iPhone and they will appear on the other.  I created one note on my PC and one on my iPhone and can work with both of them on either device now.


Here is my iPhone sowing the note I created on my PC


Here is my PC showing my note from my iPhone.



And yes, it works on the iPad as well (but only as an iPhone app).  I hope that Microsoft will go ahead and make a full iPad app in the future (like MobileNoter).