This morning I received a great honor! I received an email from Microsoft stating I had been awarded as an MVP for Office 365! This is truly a great honor and I greatly appreciate it. If you are not familiar with what the Microsoft MVP program is you can get more information about it here: From the MVP website, this is what it describes as the overview of MVP:

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award is our way of saying thank you to exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with others.
It is part of Microsoft’s commitment to supporting and enriching technical communities.
Even before the rises of the Internet and social media, people have come together to willingly offer their ideas and best practices in technical communities. At Microsoft, we recognize the vital role these individuals play in the adoption and advancement of technology—and in helping our customers do great things with our products.
This was the inspiration for the Microsoft MVP Award.
Nearly two decades ago, we awarded 37 technical community leaders as MVPs. Today, there are more than 4,000 MVPs worldwide. They represent more than 90 countries, speak over 40 languages, answer more than 10 million questions a year, and are awarded in almost 90 Microsoft technologies—reflecting the breadth of our products and our global communities.

While I am not provided with the exact qualifications that qualified me for the Award, I do know that Microsoft awards MVP for past performance, specifically the previous year. While it is no secret I have sought out the award, what I really think helped be awarded is my work in and with the Office 365 community. I have done numerous speaking engagements about Office 365, assisted/answered thousands of questions on the Forums of and also have co-founded the Office 365 International User Group.

I look forward to taking advantage of this award by being able to work closely with Microsoft and other MVP’s on Office 365! I also will work even harder in the Office 365 community to educate, evangelize and assist in any way I can! The MVP Award, as I mentioned, is based on past performance and it must be re-earned each year.

Soon I will have access to the MVP logo, and will be able to display this prestigious logo on my web presences!