For the past few days I’ve been at a client’s site doing a Forefront Client Security health check.  They had a lot of great question about FCS and FEP.  I explained the last version of FEP I looked at was the beta version but that I’ll look at the RC version over the weekend.  In just downloading and installing FEP it looks like it resolves a lot of shortcomings with FCS.  It also appears there will be tools to make migrating from FCS to FEP much easier.  Over the next week or so I plan on working a lot with FEP a lot in my virtual environment.  I also plan on reviewing migrating from FCS to FEP and what needs to be done.  Below are some nice things I’ve seen so far. 

1.  It appears FEP2010gptool.exe will convert the FCS GPOs that FCS created into an XML files for FEP to use.  This means a lot of settings and exclusions can be converted without having to recreate them.


2.  It appears FEP will have XML files available for exclusions per server on Microsoft’s recommendations.  This is wonderful because someone won’t have to read the KB articles and create recommended exclusions manually. 


3.  It appears there is a management pack for SCOM 2007.