This was a cool session to walk into:

Len Wyatt actually posted about this on the SQL Server performance blog back in February 2008, but it is still worth mentioning as a quick poll of the attendees (myself included), had not even heard this news.

As you would expect, the hardware configuration was incredibly optimized for to achieve this load, more so than you would expect to find at a client – even ones with warehousing in the forefront of their concerns, however there were a few take-aways about SSIS 2008:

  • New data connectors for Oracle, Teradata and SAP BW (last one coming soon) improve what SSIS can use as its information source
  • The improvements in caching in the lookup transformation, which they heavily utilized in this scenario.

That’s really all I’ve got left in me for the day – it’s been pretty busy and a ton of fun. I will be posting in more detail after the conference as information and conversations have time to sit and be comprehended.