The following is a list of known issues that relate to UDI deployments:

· If you receive error 404.3 when browsing to the UDI Designer web service, this error is typically the result of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) multipurpose Internet mail extensions (MIME) type not being registered correctly. To register the WCF MIME type on the web server, go to %Windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation. From an elevated command prompt, run ServiceModelReg.exe –I to register the MIME type for the .svc extension, which the web service requires.

· When you use an x64 boot image for operating system deployments, the status background bitmap will not be displayed in the Windows PE environment.

· To install language packs, you must configure the list of language packs in the UDI Wizard Designer. For each language pack, add the Install Language Pack task sequence step in the UDI task sequence and point to the Language Pack package.

· If you are using stand-alone media, the value displayed for Deployment Time by OSDResults at the end of the deployment is not guaranteed correct, because a network connection is not assumed to be available when using stand-alone media. Therefore, the machine’s basic input/output system (BIOS) clock cannot be synced to a correct time. In some cases, the deployment time may show a negative number, as occurs when the time available from Windows PE at the start is incorrectly set with a value that is actually later than the time at which the deployment finishes.

· Refreshing a computer using ZTI and UDI task sequences fails when local admin accounts are present on the computer. Task sequences also fail when the default Capture User State step has Capture all user profiles with standard options selected but the default Restore User State step has the Restore local computer user profiles check box cleared and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 cannot migrate the new accounts without assigning them passwords. To work around this issue, users must manually modify the task sequence, selecting the option to migrate local accounts, and must specify a password to be used with the local account. For details, see Capture User State at

· In the case of UDI, the OSDDomainName task sequence variable is case sensitive. When setting the OSDDomainName value through a task sequence step or in CS.ini, it must be an exact match to the domain value set in the UDI configuration file.

· The Computer page in the UDI Wizard cannot be set to silent when the Workgroup option is selected. To work around this issue, disable the Computer page, and make sure that the OSDComputerName and OSDWorkgroupName variables are set.