The Deployment Bunny is at it again. This time he’s got a nice post on pausing the Task Sequence.

Read the full post here.

Ok, so I know there is a very nice script called LTISuspend.wsf that will suspend the deployment, kind of perfect when you need to stop the deployment at a certain point and then resume after you have “fixed” the things you need to do.

But that is not always perfect, especially when you are in to troubleshooting, of course that never happens for me since I always build everything perfect the first time, or not. So a good friend of mine once showed me a simple but very useful tip and that is to create a vbscript called LTIPause.vbs, save it in the scripts folder and then use the run command for every section that you would like the task sequence to take a break, when you have checked whatever you need to check you just hit ok and it will continue. The content of the script is very, very small and looks like this……