So, the original nativehr errors (<nativehr>0×80070057</nativehr><nativestack>) I’ve posted about over the last few weeks were very general errors regarding the entire feature being activated.  Thus, the culprit could literally be anything that was part of the feature being activated at that time.  So the steps to deduce included:

  1. Activating the features manually from the web interface instead of via the Visual Studio deploy
  2. Isolating individual project artifacts (lists, list definitions, content types, site column descriptions) etc into another feature package or more efficiently into my “TempStorage” project, until I got a successful deploy and activation.


However, this approach isn’t always necessary as in some cases the nativehr error will actually change when you try to activate the feature from the web interface.  This is easy to miss, since the only major difference in what you see is that the hex error code is different… sneaky 🙂

So, enter through stage left, the “list instance” specific error

<nativehr>0x81072101</nativehr><nativestack></nativestack>Cannot complete this action.

Or at least, so far from the blogs and articles relating to it, there seems to be a clear pattern that it is list instance specific.  In my case, I can remove my list instance from the project and successfully deploy, so this seems to be the case.  I’m still digging around to locate a overall list of these native stack errors that I can use for a quick reference in the future, but so far it’s:

0×80070057:  General error

0x81072101: List Instance creation error

Hope this helps,