In my home network, one of my phones became locked with a passcode that nobody could remember (I will not list the name of my 2nd level technical support individual who caused this to protect the innocent). I dug around on the web and it looked like the only option I had available was to reset the phone to factory defaults. To backup the data, I connected the phone via USB to my laptop and it prompted on the phone (even though it was locked) to enable USB sharing. Once USB sharing was online I backed up the data, and out of curiosity I hit the home button and it worked! From the home button we disabled the pattern lock and we were good to go!


Summary: Are you locked out of your Android and about to have to reset it to factor defaults? As a last ditch effort try plugging the phone in via USB, enable USB sharing and hit the home button. If your phone is like the one I was working with you should now be able to disable the pattern lock!