So your company needs a mobile app. But which platform do you build it on? Android? iOS? Windows Phone?

With a Windows Azure subscription, the possibilities are endless.

Our mobile division, Mobile Alchemy, is currently developing a mobile application built on the Microsoft cloud platform, Azure, for one of our Dallas clients. This proof-on-concept engagement will demonstrate how a mobile app can be developed on the Android 4.0 platform yet reside on the Azure backend.

When complete, the app will enable customers to perform comparison shopping and price checks against the client’s product inventory: Once the end user scans a product’s bar code, the app will capture their GPS location and relay the product code back to Azure web services for product make and model identification. After a quick search for the product within a specified radius, performed on the Azure backend, the app will download the product information to the user’s mobile phone, including a picture, description, price, and nearby store locations. Finally, the app will provide a link to the Android’s Google map app, allowing the user easy access directions to go purchase the product!

To learn more about Mobile Alchemy, watch this: