This is the last integration point I was looking into between System Center (Configuration Manager in this case) and Azure. Configuration Manager 2012 with SP1 can use use an Azure based distribution point. I did some looking into this and one of my colleagues pointed me to a great blog article on how to configure an Azure distribution point which is available at So I decided it wasn’t worth re-creating the wheel to blog on this topic. What is below is just a high level summary of what’s required for this integration between Configuration Manager and Azure.

The following are the high level steps to get this configured:

  1. Upgrade to Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 (see the screenshot below which shows Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Service Pack 1).
  2. An Azure account is needed for this from the regular Azure portal at These accounts can be activated from an MSDN subscription (see this blog post for details). You will need the subscription number, certificate and password.
  3. Create a certificate for the Azure distribution point (I’ll admit, I hate certificates – this is the point where I gave up for the night).
  4. Configure the cloud distribution point to communication with Azure.
  5. Configure DNS for the Azure distribution point.


Below is what the option looks like in Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 to configure the cloud distribution point.


For details beyond this again I recommend reviewing this blog post:


Thank you to Eric Morrison for pointing out the link with the details on how to do this configuration and to the crew at Truesec for writing up such a comprehensive blog post on this!