We had a great Office 365 International User Group meeting! I started off the meeting with a couple quick updates:

  1. SkyDrive to be rebranded as OneDrive and SkyDrive Pro to be OneDrive for Business, http://blog.onedrive.com/onedrive-for-everything-your-life/
  2. Office Web Apps to be rebranded as Office Online?, http://www.zdnet.com/microsoft-office-web-apps-to-be-renamed-office-online-7000025633/
  3. New Partner Admin Center for Office 365 Partners, http://blogs.office.com/2014/01/28/introducing-the-new-office-365-partner-admin-center/

Next up, Andrew Brown with www.c2.com present on his companies PST Enterprise Tool, here is the PowerPoint Deck from the Presentation. Great looking tool for discovering, managing and moving and migrating PST files!

A double presentation meeting, next we had Mounil Patel with www.Mimecast.com present on his company’s solutions for Extending Office 365, here is the PowerPoint Deck from the Presentation. Email continuity, Migration mitigation, Email hygiene and archiving to name a few.

After the presentations we had some general discussions as always, these to me are what makes this group great. Users helping other users!

I also mentioned near the end that on Monday several MVPs interviewed Jono Luk, a Sr. Program Manager with Microsoft in the Active Directory group for the next podcast on www.office365fm.com. The podcast should be ready later this week, I highly recommend you listen as Jono offered up some great information on DirSync, Identity Management and what Microsoft is working on!

As always, please join out IUG Yammer group, https://www.yammer.com/office365iug

And finally, here is the recording of the meeting!

Sorry, one more thing, GO BRONCOS!