Deployment master Michael Niehaus has created a nice post on Windows 7 SP1.

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With the release of the Windows AIK for Windows 7 SP1 supplement (see for details), there is a new version 3.1 version of Windows PE available.  If you plan to install this update, you need to be aware of an issue when using this with MDT 2010 Update 1.

To explain the issue, first you need to understand the way the MDT boot image creation process works.  Fortunately, I explained that almost two years ago (

With MDT 2010, Deployment Workbench will look for a “boot.wim” file from one of the imported operating systems that has the same build number as Windows AIK (e.g. “boot.wim” from a Windows 7 RC, build 7100, operating system to go with the Windows AIK for Windows 7 RC). If it finds a match, it will use that WIM instead. Why do we do this? Because the “boot.wim” contains the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE), a component that isn’t available in Windows AIK. 

That’s kind of high level, so let’s get a little more specific……