After the recent iOS 6 update, I started experiencing a really annoying behavior when replying to all on an email.  Every time I hit reply-all on an email I would get a copy of the email.  After asking my coworkers about the issue the default answer I got from everyone was…

“Go into Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars and turn off Always Bcc myself”.  I don’t use that feature, so I expected that to be off (unless a bug in the iOS update changed it) and it was.


I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  After some search online, I came across an article about issues with Outlook 2011 on Macs running Lion.  This got me to thinking.

When I first started at Catapult my email address was, but soon after I switched my primary email address to, because I go by Dave these days.  When I set up my iPhone I used my UPN which is still


When someone would email a group of people including me, ( I would Reply-All, but my my iPhone ActiveSync client would think that was sending an email to another user named  Of course these two aliases belong to the same mailbox, so I was being copied on every email.  

Here you can see that I hit reply-all to an email from my personal account.  Not only is my personal account email in the To: field, but my was also in the Cc: field.


To prove this theory, I changed my email address in the settings on my iPhone and attempted to respond to the same message.


It didn’t even offer the option of Reply-All. 


In conclusion, to resolve this issue change your email address on your iPhone to match your primary email address in Exchange. 
BEWARE: This will force a resync of all of your email, calendar, and contacts.
This is a bug that didn’t exist before iOS 6.  There are a number of bugs in the iOS 6 implementation of Active Sync.  Steve Goodman just posted a blog on the iOS 6.0.1 update.  As one of my coworkers has said, maybe I should switch to Windows Phone and avoid all of these issues. Smile

And, I just confirmed that this bug still exists in iOS 6.0.1.

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