Getting started with Microsoft Dataverse? Then this Introduction video on Microsoft Dataverse has you covered.
You will learn how to create Dataverse Tables & Relationships, connect Tables to Canvas Power Apps, Add/Update Relational Data & more.
Video will provide an Overview of Dataverse for Beginners, cover Data Model, Dataverse Tables & Relationships and we will build a Power App from Dataverse data.
We will cover all types of relationships – Many-to-one, One-to-many, and Many-to-many (N:1, 1:N & N: N), define our data model, leverage Lookup columns & use both the Form Control & Patch function to add/update data in our Tables.

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We will learn the following:
✅ What is Microsoft Dataverse?
✅ Connectors Vs Dataverse
✅ Dataverse features Overview
✅ Data Model – Tables & Relational Data Structure
✅ Creating Dataverse Tables, Columns, Relationships, Choices, etc.
✅ Demo of Dataverse Tables & Relationships in Power Apps
✅ Build a Power App from Dataverse data for Beginners