IE6 Deathwatch

I recently posted an article about why many companies choose to support IE6 and the effect that support has on testing. I also wrote about two free tools that Microsoft offers to help with testing IE6 compatibility: Microsoft Expression SuperPreview and Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image.

As part of the discussion, I mentioned that most developers hate having to support a 10 year old browser that has problems, especially when the newer versions of IE are free. The response from one developer to my post on Facebook was predictable:

Well, that developer was thrilled to send me an article about Microsoft announcing a proactive effort to eliminate IE6.

The article mentions that the head of IE’s marketing even has a blog post that announces the importance of getting global usage of IE6 down to 1%. As part of this effort, Microsoft has launched a website called IE6 Countdown. This site has tools and resources to help your company get off of IE6 and to help encourage people to drop IE6 and upgrade to a newer version. Their homepage shows that Norway and Finland are already below 1%.

I know that all of us who work on custom software application development will be happy when we don’t have to support IE6 and can focus our efforts on the great capabilities of the newest versions of Internet Explorer!