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In a previous blog post available at https://www.catapultsystems.com/cfuller/archive/2012/03/01/windows-server-8-beta-amp-operations-manager-2012-rc-[scom].aspx I ran into challenges with monitoring Windows Server 8 with OpsMgr 2012. As a reminder, this is not a supported configuration – this blog post is only to provide insights into how to test this functionality in a lab environment to see integration between Windows Server 8 Beta and OpsMgr 2012. There are a couple of ways to work around the installation challenge which I have every reason to expect will not be required by RTM. These are:

1) Install the .NET framework 3.5 (the approach that I chose)

2) Install the agent using msiexec with the /NOAPM=1 switch

During my testing, I added the Application Server functionality to add the .NET Framework 3.5 features (next two screenshots shown below):


After making this change (and rebooting the Windows Server 8 system) I re-pushed the agent from the OpsMgr console (after removing it from Agentless monitoring) and reported to OpsMgr 2012 as expected!


Summary: This is a totally unsupported configuration, but it’s good to know that the OpsMgr 2012 agent can be deployed successfully to a Windows Server 8 Beta system.

Additional links:

My original blog post on this topic: https://www.catapultsystems.com/cfuller/archive/2012/03/01/windows-server-8-beta-amp-operations-manager-2012-rc-[scom].aspx

Kevin Greene had this working a while ago and his information is available at: http://kevingreeneitblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/monitoring-windows-server-8-beta-with_10.html