It appears it’s been a little too long since I’ve worked on Configuration Manager. Yes, this is a 100 level issue but it bit me so I’m going to blog it so I remember it for the next time and in case others hit the same thing that I did. I ran into a situation recently when I installed Configuration Manager 2012 with SP1 and it would not allow me to add a management point to the server (those familiar with ConfigMgr 2012 may recognize why in the screenshot below).


The following shows the list of options available when I attempted to add site systems to my Configuration Manager server and there was no option available to add a management point.


Per my colleague Eric Morrison: the “CAS server is the Central Administration Site, which is responsible as a central management point for all Primary Site Servers. In other words, a CAS can NOT manage clients.”

The screenshot below shows the default installation after installing the configuration manager server as a primary site server instead of a central administration site.


Summary: You cannot install a management point into a central administration site (CAS). To install a management point it needs to be a primary site server, not a CAS site as CAS sites do not manage clients.