I recently ran into an interesting issue when deploying Office 2016 ProPlus on Windows 7. I discovered that the OneDrive application installs under the user context, and not to the system like the rest of the suite does. This is not a big deal if you are using Windows 10, as OneDrive client is built in, but I was deploying to Windows 7 machines. So on Windows 7 only the user who ran the installer would have the OneDrive client installed. If I added a new profile to the machine it would also receive the OneDrive client. But it would not be available to any users with existing profiles on the machine. So to work around this, I created an Active Setup registry key and pointed it to the OneDriveSetup.exe that is installed along with the suite.

Active Setup is used to execute commands once per user during the login process. In this case I am using it to run the OneDriveSetup.exe silently for anyone who logs onto the machine, regardless of whether or not they had an existing profile.

Below is a copy of the PowerShell I used to create the registry entry. I also includes the command line version in case you are using a batch file.