Insights Success names Catapult a ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider of 2017’

Austin, Texas – Catapult, a digital solutions and services firm, has been named to Insights Success magazine’s ‘top 10’ list of leading enterprise mobility solution providers. The list features organizations who have set themselves apart with their innovative tactics to overcoming the challenges – and to seizing the opportunities – that shape today’s mobile business world. Catapult’s newest subscription-based service, Spyglass, helped land them on Insights Success’ list for its uniquely modern approach to IT security and compliance – the central challenge of supporting a mobile workforce.

The inspiration for Spyglass was identifying that traditional point security solutions were burdening client after client with a string of common pitfalls: siloed products, disparate data, and a technical skills gap. Catapult knew these difficulties would only worsen as data ecosystems expanded across a mobile, cloud-based landscape.

Built atop EM+S and other leading security technologies, Spyglass gives clients visibility across their entire security environment, making it easier to protect sensitive information in a world where data now travels far beyond the premises.

Spyglass also makes it easier to stay abreast of evolving compliance standards and regulations such as PCI, ISO, CJIS, HIPAA, EU, NIST, and soon, GDPR. Catapult establishes a baseline for measuring security and compliance goals, and then maps customers’ requirements to existing tools, identifying gaps and overlapping tools.

From day one, a dedicated security coach closely monitors and analyzes Spyglass customers’ performance reports, constantly searching for ways to improve their cybersecurity practice. Spyglass’ ongoing support model also grants flexible access to Catapult’s full breadth of managed services, giving Spyglass customers the freedom to leverage IT expertise on demand.

“Over the past decade or so, most customers have acquired such a unique set of security solutions, it becomes almost impossible to hire someone to support them. Security tools often require a deep level of expertise, but not necessarily a ton of time, to function effectively. This is why it becomes much more cost efficient for customers to have on-demand access to a wide array of technical skill,” said Joe Kuster, Solutions Director for Spyglass.

As Insights Success mentions, Catapult’s innovative, service-based solutions are helping customers adapt to today’s mobile climate. Spyglass does this by turning the traditional cybersecurity model on its head, inversing the tool-to-service ratio. Ultimately, the goal is to streamline moving parts and offer flexible support, liberating customers to spend more time on business challenges and less energy worrying about IT security and compliance