If you are coming to TechEd in Houston and you are interested in Operations Manager I hope to see you at the Operations Manager Evolution session! Details on the sessions available at TechEd 2014 are available at: http://tena2014.eventpoint.com/topic/list. Thank you to everyone who provided insights into what should be in this session, I am working hard to get as much as possible into this session which will be useful to Operations Manager administrators.

If you are new to Operations Manager Evolution – what is it? My goal is to make this into the state of the union for monitoring with Microsoft technologies. To do this I am focused on providing knowledge sharing from what is new in the Microsoft monitoring space to make life easier as an Operations Manager administrator. The best content in this presentation will come from fellow Operations Manager administrators and their tips for how to be more effective.

For my blog readers (the two the proud) what are the behind the scenes hints on what’s coming with this round of Evolution?

  1. A new PowerShell script which tackles an issue that Operations Manager administrators (and Service Manager Administrators) have had since the 2007 release (or 2010 for Service Manager).
  2. A powerful demonstration of some new functionality added with UR2 with a special guest star.
  3. If you want extra information on Operations Manager – arrive early!
  4. For cool swag during Q&A reference "CARL the robot from SCU"

I hope that you are as excited at TechEd as I am and I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at this year’s TechEd!