Inside Podcast Network did a two hour special live from MMS 2012 on Thursday which I was glad to be able to be a part of. This podcast is available here!

People involved in the podcast: (in order that they joined the discussion)

The following is the summary of the discussion from my perspective: (in order of discussion)

  • Discussion on the new terms at MMS and around System Center:
    • Discussion on the new pod sections in the Microsoft booth at MMS  – no longer is their an Operations Manager pod it’s now “Infrastructure Management”.
    • Cloud and Datacenter Management as the new MVP section encompassing all system center products other than Configuration Manager.
  • From the end of the keynote on day two they announced the MMS 2013 location & we discussed the impacts of what announcement – “Microsoft World in June 2013?”
  • Windows Server 8 is now Windows Server 2012.
  • System Center 2012 release announced.
  • InTune – where is it and what does it mean now? What does this mean to Mobile Device Management?
  • The Cloud and System Center.
  • Licensing and System Center 2012.
  • Impacts of System Center solutions and how they work in the small business world.
  • Podcast logistical challenges and how we ended up with a single longer podcast.
  • Vendor capabilities demonstrated at MMS – what are the coolest integrations with System Center?
  • MMS 2012 as a deja-vu of MMS 2011.
  • Doug announced 10 sockets for free on the Veeam MP – fully functional non-expiring and including the first 12 months of support.
  • Favorite sessions of the week at MMS and what sessions did and did not get accepted at MMS 2012.
  • Labs at MMS – the good and the bad.
  • Discussion on the keynotes – it was special because we didn’t do anything special. It was just System Center 2012.
  • Brian Wren’s session on Orchestrator and OpsMgr and “just in time public speaking”.
  • Booth babes at MMS and marketing trends at MMS.
  • Derdack and their products at MMS and launching a new product in a few weeks.
  • What is the future of System Center Universe in this new “MMS 2013” world?

Other humorous points during the podcast:

  • We introduced the word “complified” which someday I hope will be in the dictionary.
  • Most of the bloggers on the discussion blog because they can’t remember things otherwise.
  • Parties at MMS and side-discussion on stereotypes about Texas and cowboy gear.
  • Marcus and his style and insights on management.
  • Arie as the “dinosaur”.
  • How to create an unscannable badge at MMS.
  • Re-introduction of the siesta at MMS?
  • The real reason why I tweet as CFullerMVP.

This was a great discussion and I was glad to have been invited to participate and it summarizes most of what happened at MMS!

(P.S. – My specific callouts during this podcast included Wally, Trevor, Kevin Holman and my marketing department colleagues)