Hiring in Austin!
If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written (@MarcJellinek, http://www.linkedin.com/in/marcjellinek, http://marcjellinek.wordpress.com), it’s not going to come as a surprise that I’m opinionated.
I recently moved from NJ to Austin, TX to take a job with Catapult Systems as a Sr. Lead Consultant and act as the Local Practice Lead for the Business Intelligence/Data Management practice. 
We’re still growing!
Do you want a competitive salary that goes farther than most places (no state income tax!!), the potential for reasonable relocation assistance and serious rock-star co-workers?
First off, my boss/manager/whatever is Sid Atkinson.  He *owns* the BI market in Austin.  He knows every customer, most competitors, is highly regarded by all.  It’s been six months and I like working for Sid.
The co-workers?  Look ’em up.  Jayme Edwards (PowerDelivery).  Paul Felix (LeapFrogBI).  Aymer Baranda.  Kevin Rutowski.  Esteban Tristan.  Justin Ong.  Travis Lingerfelder.  Seriously.  Look ’em up.  Freakin’ rock stars. 
We support two sales guys (Jay Saenz and Michael Kennedy).  They get it.  Yeah, I said it.  Sales guys that "get it".  Who knew?
Our GM, Jim Booth, is new to Austin.  After seeing how he came in, set expectations, made sure people knew what was expected of them and set people up for success…. you got it.  Another rock star.
Let me tell you a little about Austin.  I moved here 5 days before Thanksgiving and knew no one.  By Thanksgiving Day, I had two invitations to dinner.  Two.  The town is that friendly.  It is every bit as weird as they advertise.  If you are bland, corporate, boring and don’t want to leave the house after work, this isn’t the place for you.  But if you like the outdoors (65 degrees in December!), great Tex/Mex BBQ, music and great people, you’d love it here!
I’m looking for BI people (SQL 2008 R2, 2012, 2014; SSAS-MD and Tabular; PowerBI), experienced hires only. 
I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’re in a position to sponsor visas.  If any of this appeals to you… drop me a note.