I recently had to redirect a SharePoint site from http to https after an SSL certificate was installed. Although there are some instructions available, I couldn’t quite get it to work. After doing some research and following some of the steps I saw on several blog sites, I finally had success. I thought I would just put the steps I followed here in case anyone is having the same trouble I did.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

1. Create website in IIS.

  • Site name can be anything, like "Extranet Site Redirect".
  • Physical path should be the same location as the other web config files on the server (inetpub->wss, for example).
  • For Binding, the hostname should be the same as the site you are redirecting from, such as home.companyname.com.


2. After the IIS website is created, select "Edit Permissions" (right-hand panel of IIS).

  • Add servername\IIS_IUSRS to the site (read only).  Example – SERVERNAME\IIS_IUSRS


3. Configure the HTTP Redirect in IIS.

  • Note:  If the HTTP Redirect feature is not available in IIS, go to Server Manager -> Web Server (IIS) -> Add Role Services and install HTTP Redirect.
  • In IIS, select the new website then select HTTP Redirect.
  • Redirect requests to https://site.domain.com (like https://home.companyname.com)
  • Leave the rest of the options as their defaults and select Apply (upper right-hand side of the page).


4. Update the web.config file for the IIS website.

  • Navigate to the web.config file just created.
  • Give servername\IIS_IUSRS read access to the web config file.
  • Open the web.config file to edit (remember to always make a backup first…just in case!).
  • Add the following line above < /system.webServer>
    <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false" />
  • Save and close the web.config file.


5. Close your internet browser.


7. Test.


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