If your running IIS6.0 and running a large report, then the browser gives you an IIS error “HTTP 500”. The reason is, your default ASP Buffering Limit is generally set to 4mb. Well, as your Configuration Management database grows, your reports will grow larger. A simple rule of thumb is 1mb per 1000 records. However, I would double that for future growth.

Here’s how to resolve this issue.

1. On your SCCM server open the IIS Manager

2. Right click on the server name and click on Properties, now you should see a screen similar as shown.


3. If the “Enable Direct Metabase Edit” isn’t checked, Check that box and restart IIS.

4. Open the following file with Notepad C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\INETSRV\METABASE.XML

5. Search for “AspBufferingLimit”

6. Change to your new amount. As shown in the pic below, I set this one to 10mb.


7. Now save the file and restart IIS to make sure this file takes.

8. Run your SCCM report.