I realize this deviates from my focus on Excel, but my colleagues and I happened upon a very useful feature that answers an annoying little problem in Lync 2010, and I just had to share. J

As part of the marketing team here at Catapult Systems, we are often hosting webinars and technical discussions via Lync. When you have a group of 35+ people on a call, it can become quite bothersome to constantly hear that "ping, ping" over the presenter’s voice whenever someone enters or exits the call.

Well, my friends, you won’t have to hear that sound anymore. It just takes one simple step:

In the Lync window, click on the drop-down arrow by the icon with the little people. You’ll want to uncheck "Play Entry and Exit Announcements."

If you are the organizer of the meeting and uncheck "Play Entry and Exit Announcements," the entry/exit pings will be turned off for everyone else in the meeting. However, if you are simply another presenter and not the organizer, unchecking or checking this box only affects you.