Life is good, the presentation is going well. The audience is engaged in the discussion. I mention an interesting technical point and continue on. I’m part way into the next slide and twitter pops up with a tweet about the interesting technical point that I had just discussed. Wait a second. I know that I shut down everything before the presentation started – including Lync & Twitter. Heck, I even killed them off in the task manager! All I can think of at this point is that I’m lucky that I have an audience who is engaged in the discussion and that nobody has chosen this moment in time to totally derail my presentation by tweeting whatever happens to come to mind… I do know however that this is a ticking time-bomb which will explode on me at some point in time.

Under PC Settings (Windows+I key to get to the option to Change PC settings, Search & Apps, notifications – turn off any apps which should not be running in the background (in my case this included Twitter, Skype and others). It looks like it may also be simple to set this through just hiding notifications for 1, 3 or 8 hours as shown below.

For additional details check these out:

Thank you to Ryan Otis for pointing out what was actually causing this!