This video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to leverage Power Automate flows to save Microsoft Forms Responses along with the attachments (multiple file uploads) to SharePoint Lists, SharePoint Document Libraries, SharePoint Folders & Send Email with Forms responses and attachments.
I will showcase how to create a Personal Microsoft Form & a Group Microsoft Form with file upload options and walkthrough steps of creating Power Automate flows to save the responses and the attachments in SharePoint. I will also showcase how to send Microsoft form responses in email along with the attachments.
I will also show where Microsoft Forms Attachments are saved. We will leverage Power Automate to query the saved Forms attachments which would either be in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint depending upon whether it is a Personal Microsoft Form or a Group Microsoft Form.

This Power Automate Tutorial Video covers the following:
✅ Create Microsoft Forms with File Upload
✅ Save MS Forms Response & Attachments to SharePoint List
✅ Save MS Forms Attachments to Document Library
✅ Save MS Forms Attachments to Folders
✅ Send Group Forms Attachments & Response in Outlook Email