I had a question asked recently from a group which had their own custom management packs and wanted to know how many and what types of alerts they were receiving on a daily basis. To do this we used the Reporting / Microsoft Generic Report Library / Most Common alerts report. We selected the appropriate management pack(s), changed the start day to yesterday and changed the value of N to 100 so that we would get a large number of alerts if they were available.

Report on all alerts in a management pack (Exchange shown below):


As an example – all Exchange alerts generated in the last day.



This works great for custom management packs where you can then schedule the report to deliver daily showing all alerts which are generated by the MP for the day before. We have a custom one where there are approximately 50 custom alerts which generate large numbers of alerts per day, and this report provides us with a quick way to determine what is the noisiest of the alerts in the specific management pack.

Summary: How do I get a report of how many alerts of what type for my custom management pack per day? [Reporting / Microsoft Generic Report Library / Most Common Alerts – change parameters to reflect the management packs and change the # to 100, change the start day to use day –1, schedule to deliver daily by email]