In order to upgrade to OpsMgr 2012, You must be at the minimum CU4 for OpsMgr 2007 R2.  If you need to upgrade, you can go to CU6 first if you wish.  If you are on OpsMgr 2007 R2 and aren’t currently running CU6, I highly recommend it.

Here are the following fixes included in CU6 and the Recommended Installation Order:

Recommended installation order

It is recommend that you install this cumulative update in the following order:

  1. Root management server (RMS)
  2. Operations Manager database – manually update by running the included stored procedure file that is mentioned below
  3. Management packs to import that is mentioned below
  4. Secondary management servers
  5. Gateway servers
  6. Agent update – deploy to agents that used a discovery-based installation 
  7. Operations console role computers
  8. Web Console server role computers 
  9. Manually installed agents – apply the agent update

Download CU6 from here:


IMPORTANT: First make sure you backup all DB’s, EncryptionKey, and Management Packs.

1. Locate the CU6 MSI downloaded, then Run it:

· SystemCenterOperationsManager2007-R2CU6-KB2626076-X86-X64-IA64-ENU.MSI

2. Click I Agree, then click Next


3. Click Next to Install the Hotfix Utility


4. Note the Installation Folder path, click Next


5. Confirm the Installation by clicking Next


6. Click close when the Installation is Complete


7. Browse to the location below and click ‘Launch Cumulative Update Setup’

· C:\Program Files (x86)\System Center 2007 R2 Hotfix Utility\KB2626076

8. Click ‘Run Server Update’ at the Software Update splash screen


9. Installation Status will show


10. Setup may find files in use, ensure the Console is closed and click Retry


11. Setup will continue when you click Retry


12. Click Finish at the Completion screen


Note: Additional installation notes

•When you update a component by using the installer splash screen, you have to complete three update installers. When you update a component such as RMS, each installer starts and requires you to click Finish when the update is complete. The next installer starts automatically.

13. Another installer will begin (Second Installer)


14. Click Finish at the Completion page (Second Time)


15. The third installer will launch


16. Click finish at the completion page (Third and final installer)


17. A restart is required


18. Run SQL Scripts against the OperationsManager and OperationsManagerDW located in the path below

· C:\Program Files (x86)\System Center 2007 R2 Hotfix Utility\KB2626076\SQLUpdate

· Connect to SQL Management Studio

· Click New Query, and Select the proper Database

o CU_Database.sql = OperationsManager

o CU_DataWarehouse.sql = OperationsManagerDW

· Click Excecute


19. In the bottom Results window of SQL Management Studio, ensure the query ran successfully and shows the recent date


20. Update the following Management Packs from the location below

· C:\Program Files (x86)\System Center 2007 R2 Hotfix Utility\KB2626076\ManagementPacks




a) In the Operation Manager Console, go to Administration, then click Import Management Packs from Disk

b) Select the Path to the Management Packs and select all three MP’s mentioned above, then click Import



21. After Management Pack import is complete, click Close

22. Go to the Operations Manager console, click Administration\Pending Management


23. Highlight all Agents, or select a few for an initial pilot and click ‘Approve’

· Up to 200 Agents can be approved at a time depending on load of current SCOM System and Agents


24. Use the selected Management Server Action Account, click Update


25. Agent Management Task Status will start


26. Update the web.config file on for the Web Console

To make sure that all cookies that are created by the Web Console cannot be accessed by the client cscript, add the following configuration to the Web.Config file on the Web Console server:

<httpCookies httpOnlyCookies="true"/>

However, if the Web Console is configured to run under SSL, add the following configuration to the Web.Config file instead to make sure that all cookies are encrypted:

<httpCookies httpOnlyCookies="true" requireSSL="true"/>
Note Only one of these lines has to be added to the Web.Config file. To add one of these lines, scroll down in the Web.Config file until you see the <system.web> tag, and then add the appropriate new line immediately after the line that contains <system.web>.