Approval Forms in Power Apps blog

In this video, you will learn how to build approval form functionality directly in Power Apps instead of using Power Automate Approval flows.
By creating custom approval forms within PowerApps, we have full control over the form user experience, security & more.
We will send an approval email notification & provide deep linking directly into the Power Apps Approval Form Screen.
We will also leverage the Adaptive Cards experience in Teams to post the Approval Form to the approver directly within Microsoft Teams.
Flow approval tasks do not allow customizing the approval form (as of recording of this video).

Video covers the following:
✅ Help Desk Application Approval Forms
✅ Build Custom Approval Forms in PowerApps
✅ Call flow from Power Apps to post Approval email with deep link into App for Approver
✅ Approval Dashboard
✅ Post Approval Form as an Adaptive Card in Microsoft Teams
✅ Set mode of Data Cards inside Power Apps form control based on user role.

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