In the wonderful world of Information Technology we are constantly faced with the struggle to do more for the business with less (people, time and money). In the SCU 2016 presentation where we announced Launch and discussed strategies for how to win in a “do more with less” IT world, we covered a variety of topics including:

  • Maximizing the benefits from the tools that you already own
  • Collaborating can help you lean into the community
  • Effectively offloading work from your IT organization
  • Embracing the Cloud can help you organization to do more
  • The rise of automation into the mainstream and Microsoft’s solutions for automation

If you missed this presentation, I invite you to watch:


The SCU presentation provided an announcement for Launch and showed highlights of how it works. This blog post will provide more details about Launch, how it will help your organization to do more with less, and where you can find out more about Launch.

What is a Solution as a Service?

A Solution as a Service is a new way to think about and purchase business and IT solutions and support. Solutions as a Service are cloud-hosted, fully-managed professional services offerings which are designed to increase your company’s productivity and innovation for a fixed monthly IT investment. These types of solutions free up time which an IT organization would spend on mundane tasks so that they can focus on high value initiatives instead.

For more details on Solutions as a Service see:

What is Launch?

Launch is an IT and business automation solution that automates routine workplace tasks. It is a cloud-based solution which provides a reusable approach to automation which is quickly customized to your requirements and is fully managed by Catapult Systems.

For more details on Launch see:

Why did we create Launch?

At Catapult Systems we have spent decades working with organizations to help them to leverage technology and increase efficiencies in their organization. During these engagements we have found that it is quite common that highly skilled IT team members are often taken off of the high value initiatives that they are working on to address relatively mundane tasks. These situations cause disruption in the work for the IT team member, but they are often necessary as the mundane tasks still need to be accomplished. The goal when we created Launch was to take these mundane tasks and automate them so that the IT team members can focus on higher value initiatives.

Does it do more than onboarding and offboarding?

The first version of Launch is focused on onboarding of employees, changes and offboarding of employees. This was chosen as our first of many offerings as we found that during our discussions with clients this was by far the most common request for automation. The plan for Launch is to continue to add functionality into the existing onboarding and offboarding solution, and to add more offerings into Launch. This will provide a solution which is constantly evolving and increasing the capabilities that it can provide to your organization.

How can Launch help to do more with less?

Launch can help you to do more with less through:

  • Decreasing security and access risk
  • Reducing help desk costs
  • Decreasing time to get new hires up and running
  • Increasing customer satisfaction & IT satisfaction
  • Assisting with compliance requirements
  • Implementing best practice processes with increased consistency
  • Allowing your team to focus more on strategic initiatives, not daily requirements
  • And more!

How can I get more information about Launch?

To learn more about Launch, join me on March 17th for a webinar where we will dive deeper into these concepts we will showcase some of the new functionality available for Launch! Registration is now available here!

To request more information about Launch or to request a demonstration please visit:

P.S. For my Operations Manager and OMS readers at the upcoming webinar I will showcasing a new dashboard and solution for OMS which has never been seen before. This dashboard and solution covers one of the frequent asks for OMS from an Operations Manager perspective so you will definitely want to check it out!