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In an environment where we had created a significant number of custom rules and monitors for a specific group they requested a weekly report on what alerts were being generated by their management pack. Operations Manager makes this pretty easy to accomplish through setting some parameters on the “Most Common Alerts” report. For our example, we choose the custom management pack and set the value for N shown below to 100 and configured the report to show the last day worth of alerts. This was then scheduled to run daily to delivery via email so that the count of alerts for the previous day was easy to identify.

How to create a report on all alerts in a management pack

The following shows the same approach discussed above can be used for the Exchange 2007 management pack to show what alerts are generated per-day. This is done by using the Reporting / Microsoft Generic Report Library / Most Common Alerts report for the Exchange 2007 management packs. The default values for this report are shown below.


For the Exchange report we Unselect all and then select only the Exchange management packs, change the starting date to Yesterday and the value for N from 5 to 100.


The following screenshot shows an example output – all Exchange alerts generated in the last day.



This report can then be scheduled to deliver via email daily as discussed in the following previous blog post.

Summary: Using the “Most Common Alerts” report specifying the date range, increasing N to 100 and selecting the management packs provides an easy to schedule report of all alerts generated by the Management PackSleeping half-moon. This works great for custom management packs where you can report all alerts which are generated by the Management Pack every day  (or weekly if you wanted to!).