Following up on what I posted earlier today, you can hide the "!New" icon for list items and documents by using a different Name column.

First, a little background on the "!New" icon:

  • What is it? It’s an icon that appears with the Name (in document libraries) or Title (in lists):
  • How long does it appear for new documents or list items? – By default, 2 days. To determine how long it is set for or to change how long it will appear, use the stsadm commands detailed here. If you change the time, just remember that this will affect all of the lists and libraries for the entire web application.


Okay, so what if I don’t want this icon to appear for a particular library, list or web part? – Change the view to display the Name (for use in forms) or Title (for use in forms) column. These columns do not display the "!New" icon:

  • For lists – When setting up the list view or web part view of the list, use the Title column.  The Title (linked to item with edit menu) and Title (linked to item) columns will show the icon.  Also, the Title column does not allow users to edit from the drop-down menu so just add the Edit (link to edit item) column also and that will allow users to edit.  If you have edited the Title column and given it a different name, then the names of the columns will have changed. For example, if you edited the name of the Title column and changed it to "Project", then the column names will be Project (linked to item with edit menu), Project (linked to item) and Project.

  • For libraries – When setting up a library view or web part view of the library, use the Name (for use in forms) column.  The Name (linked to document with edit menu) and Name (linked to document) columns will show the icon.  Add the Edit (link to edit item) to give users the ability to edit the document.