Between August 19th and Thanksgiving I am scheduled to travel over 27,000 miles on 27 flights! WOW! This travel is primarily focused on work for such things as the Office 365 Road Show Catapult is doing, Office 365 + Your Organization, A Power Combination. I will be speaking in San Diego, Boston, Anchorage, New York and Spokane, would be great for you to join me in one of those cities or any of the other cities that Catapult is presenting at! I am working on finalizing the presentation material for this road show and it will be a great way for you and your company to learn about how the combination can benefit you greatly.

The other trips I have scheduled deal with Microsoft partnership meetings in the regions as well as a couple trips to mother ship Redmond, one being for the MVP Summit in November. While I don’t love traveling this much, I view it as a necessary evil in helping build the Catapult Cloud Services and furthering Catapult’s and my Microsoft relationship.

Another benefit of the travel is I will be able to gain a higher level of Premier Status with United Airlines! Just wish one of my flights scheduled so far was on a Boing 787 Dreamliner!