I’ve been using Windows 7 for a few weeks now and I love it, NO, I REALLY MEAN IT WHEN I SAY I LOVE IT!!!

The last time I printed something was at the Catapult Austin office a few days ago.  I set my default printer to the one in my office while I was there.  Today I’m at a client’s site and needed to print something.  When I tried to print a document the default printer automatically changed to a printer at my client’s site.  I researched it and there is a neat new Windows 7 feature.  You can set your default printer based on your location!!!  How cool is that?

If you use your system in multiple locations (for example, using your laptop at work and at home) you can set a different default printer for each location. You can default to the networked color laser printer when you’re in the New York office, the scanner/copier/laser printer when you’re in the Seattle office, and your personal printer when at home.
Simply click on the Start Menu and type “printers” in the search field, and choose “Devices and Printers.” Click on one of your printers, and click on the “Manage Default Printers” option in the menu bar. You can then specify which printer should be the default for each network you’ve connected to. And you can select the Microsoft XPS Document Writer for locations where you don’t have access to a printer.
Tip by Jason Leznek, a Group Product Manager at Microsoft.