The new shutdown.exe command in Windows 8 can be referenced via shortcut to save time in shutting down, restarting or putting your laptop to sleep.

This is a time saver that I love using.

Just double-click on the icon to perform the appropriate action.




shutdown /h
#Notice the /h stands for Hibernate, not to be confused with Hybrid

shutdown -t 5 –r

shutdown -s -t 0 /hybrid
#Notice the new Hybrid switch. This enables the next startup time to be super fast.

The new shutdown is similar to hibernation (the /h switch) found in the current and older version of Windows, except it does save and re-open all your apps upon startup. Instead of saving everything, Windows 8 saves just the OS kernel in a file on the hard drive and then uses it to while booting up, speeding the whole processing considerably. Windows 8 also makes full use of multi-core processors to load the hibernation file. Also, since it does not save your applications, the hibernation file is also much smaller than usual.