So, you’ve curated some killer content and you want to share it with everyone on Yammer.  Follow these tips to get the most interaction with your organization.

– Post to the appropriate group in your organization.  While All Company hits everyone, it will likely get lost in the shuffle and believe it or not, will get more interaction when posted to an appropriate group. 

– If you are posting a link or video, include a very brief synopsis so your audience knows what they are going to consume.

– Bullet points bullet points bullet points!!!  Sure, you may have a lot to say but, lengthy paragraphs aren’t the way to do it.  Your post should be easily consumable.

– @ mention and cc appropriate individuals who can add to the conversation

– Include topics so your post is more visible in searches

– Always answer your replies and questions about your content.  Keep replies quick and concise. 

Happy Posting!!