Austin, TX – Jan 17, 2017 – Catapult, a leading technology consulting firm, today announced that Fuse, its first Solution as a Service, has surpassed 50,000 users in just 18 months. Released in the spring of 2015, Fuse is a fully managed, cloud-hosted employee engagement portal.

Built on Microsoft Office 365 and leveraging Microsoft SharePoint Online, Fuse works to support customers by empowering employees, driving productivity and increasing collaboration. Its quick-to-implement approach and white-glove customer service, has quickly grown fans from large and small enterprises alike.

“Fuse’s growth continues to climb as we introduce it to new markets, such as mid-size enterprises,” said David Fuess, Catapult’s CEO. “Fuse is unique because companies use their existing Office 365 licenses, making it an easy add-on to boost employee engagement and drive productivity.”

Since its release, Catapult continues to enhance Fuse by adding new features and improving overall user experience to its solution.

Catapult was named 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year (United States), in large part for bringing Fuse to market, as an innovative concept for transforming businesses through subscription-based technology services. Catapult recently introduced Launch, its second Solutions as a Service, to provide Managed Automation as a Service. Catapult plans to release additional Solutions as a Service throughout the year.

Learn more about Fuse—Catapult’s Intranet as a Service.