5 Things Your Employees Wish IT Understood about the Company Portal

computer-purple1)    “The majority of employees don’t use the portal.”

The last portal got off to a great start, but the content has become stale and obsolete over time.  I know we spent a lot of time and money on it, but to be honest, most people just don’t see the company portal as relevant anymore.  

We hear you: The outdated waterfall approach of “build it and they will come,” has not worked with employee portals. We need to take an agile approach where we proactively monitor usage and work with users to keep content fresh.  We should maintain awareness of usage—or lack thereof—not just for sections of the portal, but of how active usage aligns with business objectives and adapts over time.

2)    “I feel disrespected as an employee when things are harder than they should be.”

 I should be able to access my information from any device, anywhere.  I still feel like we run the company using email, file folders and excel.  Also, I can only access work resources at work, and I spend a lot of my time on things I know could be easier.  We shouldn’t have to search for an email attachment or have an in-person meeting to get things done with my team.

We hear you: It is 2016 and we are working with file shares like it is the late 1990s.  We know the cloud, smartphones and the latest software should work without question and be easy to use.  We are going to stop building things like portals from scratch and use ready-to-go solutions that “just work” on any device.

3)    “After I went to portal training on the current portal, I felt like I was on my own.”

The training was great, but weeks later, I only remember about 20% of it. When it comes time to do things like sharing files, creating workflow and editing content pages, I’m at a loss.
We hear you: The next portal will be supported full-time by a team of people who can work alongside you to steward its content and be there with advice, training and support, anytime you need it.  The next portal will also include a team of people who will proactively reach out with advice, data on usage and the willingness to help with anything—including questions from basic training and questions about using the new features that could better enable productivity throughout your teams.

4)    “I don’t want to spend months building the next portal.”

I don’t have the time or the interest in another bus load of consultants and IT developers taking a lap around the company, coming in for months to deploy a portal.

We hear you: We are planning on using a portal that’s pre-built with 75% of the functionality that’s common to all companies. We are also going to engage a vendor that will share the risk of making the portal successful and ready to launch in 6 weeks, not 6 months.

5)    “My wish list for the portal is pretty basic, why can’t we just have a portal that:
a.    Works on my desktop, phone and tablet from inside and outside the network, with only one login
b.    Has an easy-to-use search function that will refine my results I can refine the results.
c.    Offers ways to collaborate and workflow items without using email
d.    Gets better over time, not worse”

We hear you: The next portal will be Fuse, Intranet as a Service, from Catapult Systems.  It is a world-class intranet, fully configured and implemented for our company in 80% less time.  The Fuse team will be with us from the beginning and full time after launch.  The Fuse team will work alongside you and the rest of the company, providing all the support roles we’ll ever need to ensure success for our new productivity platform.