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A while back I blogged on an issue with the Objects by Performance Widget when using the All performance instances. One of the comments on my original blog post was extremely helpful. The blog post is available at:

As background, when using the Objects by Performance Widget with the All performance instances it does not display data (as shown below).

Drkusnadi’s comment provided a fix but I had not documented the steps required to make the change. Please note that I do not know if this is a supported change but it worked well in my environment. This blog post will expand and provide details on his statement below:

"Posted by drkusnadi on 6/4/2013 at 9:18 PM

Hi, the issue is with "SDK.Microsoft_SystemCenter_Visualization_Library_TopNEntitiesByPerfGet" where it passed @InstanceNamePattern=N’%’ when (All) is selected.
the stored procedure will compare (PRI.InstanceName = @InstanceNamePattern) which will give 0 result.
This is fixed by changing the line to (PRI.InstanceName like @InstanceNamePattern)


Making the change:

The following is the step-by-step to make the change he discusses.

On the SQL server, open SQL Server Management Studio and open the Operations Manager Data Warehouse. Open Programmability, Stored Procedures and find the Right-click and modify the SDK.Microsoft_SystemCenter_Visualization_Library_TopNEntitiesByPerfGet stored procedure.

Do a find on the first part of this line "PRI.InstanceName =" as shown below.

After the change is made the updated version is shown below:

To save the change do a query parse and then a query execute to save the changes to the stored procedure (details at


Testing the change:

After the change, I re-refreshed my test view and the widget is working expected – the screenshot below shows my updated results!


Thank you to drkusnadi for his change to make this widget work and to Joe Thompson who re-pointed this out to me via twitter!