This week we ran into a couple of issues when attempting to approve a new gateway in our environment which seemed like good ideas to share.

The first was: “The request failed with the following error: The gateway server does not exist: gatewayservername”. This was interesting as we have already brought up multiple gateways the week earlier with no issues. The error itself seemed to imply that there was a communication problem potentially somewhere between the gateway server and the root management server. We were under the assumption that it had to be on the gateway side which was incorrect. When we reviewed the active alerts in the environment, we found the infamous “Root Management Server unavailable” alert as well as an alert indicating that we were too low on free disk space on the Operations Manager database. To debug this we increased free disk space on the Operations Manager database as discussed here, and then we debugged the RMS issue based upon this article. After increasing the size of the Operations Manager database, and stopping and re-started all three Operations Manager services on the RMS we manually closed the alert and re-tried authentication of the gateway.

Our next error was the following one: “An agent pending action exists for this computer. This action just be rejected before approving the computer as a gateway”. To resolve this we opened the Operations Console / Administration / Device Management / Pending Management and deleted the pending action for the gateway server. Once we re-ran the gateway approval it was successful.