I was recently working in a SCCM environment that has over 2,000 collections. Of these 2,000 collections only 97 of them were at the top level. The rest were all sub collections. As you can image it could be quite an adventure trying to find a particular collection.

To solve this problem I have created a SCCM report that will display the full path to a collection.

To create this report open the New Report Wizard and input the SQL Statement below:

You will also need to create a prompt so you can enter the collection ID or search for a collection by name. The prompt should be named ID and include the SQL statement below:

The screenshots below are examples of how the report and prompt properties should look.

image           image

After you create the report you can run it by entering a collection ID. If you do not know the collection ID you can search for it by name. You can also use wildcards if you do not know the exact name. (Example: My Collec%)

Below is an example of the results when run for the collection Win7 Level 4.


Now you can easily find the collection in SCCM based of the results of the report.