In this video, you will learn how to simplify filtering data from Dataverse by directly using Dataverse Table Views in PowerApps Gallery control.
The View based filtering technique simplifies the experience of creating filter conditions (Filter formula) in the Canvas Power Apps.

We will dynamically load the Views inside Power Apps & provide the users a View selector option. Upon selection of a View, the filtering & sorting conditions associated with the View will be applied to the Gallery or Data Table.

Advantage of this technique is simplified experience for creating filters against data (related tables, multiple filter conditions, AND & OR operations, etc.) & no changes are needed in Power App to update / create new filter conditions as all logic is driven from Views (No need to republish the App).

Video covers the following:

✅ Dataverse Views in Power Apps.
✅ Create Views in Dataverse Tables.
✅ Views – multiple filters, sorting, related table filtering, etc.
✅ Load views dynamically in Power Apps (show specific Views).
✅ Filter PowerApps Gallery using Dataverse Table Views.