Recently at a Microsoft partner briefing, the Productivity SSP asked the room to raise their hands if they were a filer or a piler.  A "filer" by definition is one that arranges content in a convenient order for storage or reference and a "piler" by definition is one that piles or, heaps up.  As you would expect, the majority of the room raised their hands indicating that they are filers and I raised my hand with gusto.  I love folders, sub folders, sub sub folders and beyond.  My Outlook inbox and archives are a plethera of topics and my work life depends on that matrix every day.   

nd then…there was nd then…there was Oslo.  Codename Oslo and the Office Graph were introduced at the SharePoint conference this year.  The Office Graph connects you to the documents that you contribute to, the team members that you meet with, and the content that you have consumed and Oslo presents it to you in a personalized, tailored and consumable format.  It flips the tables on the concept of search and allows your work to find you. 

In the future, I can spend less time setting up and maintaining an intricut system to find my work and more time collaborating with my network on the work that is important to my role now, to current and future initiatives.  Office Graph takes filers…and turns them into pilers with the next generation of search and discovery.

Check out the Office blog by Ashok Kuppusamy for the full run down.  It’s wicked sweet.  I can’t wait to start piling!