Recently one of our bloggers (Adam Rafels, check out his great blog) noticed that he was getting this error


After doing some extensive web searches for the answer, I was unable to find a satisfactory resolution.  However, Adam did notice a few clues.


  • 1. If he was authenticated then he could see the post, but if he wasn’t he could not. 
  • 2. After a period of time the post magically started working. 

3. He had just updated his LiveWriter settings per my blog post on how to use the MetaBlog API when using Windows LiveWriter 2011 and the Community Kit for SharePoint Enhanced Blog Edition


Armed with those three clues I hit the search engines again and found that Rene has fixed this problem in the latest build (3.0) of the EBE posted on July of 2010.  So the upgrade should resolve it.


From a work around standpoint, the fix is relatively easy.  You need to go to the SharePoint blog site and edit your post after it is published by LiveWriter 2011 and check that the publishing date and time is in the past.  If it is, just fix it and everything should work fine.