Continuing in our blow by blow, beer by beer, in-depth coverage of the Ignite Airlift event.  Here were the things that really got the crowd going today:


  1. The tacos for lunch (excellent!)
  2. The Flip video thingy that Peter won.
  3. Learning that Mexico is apparently not in North America.  We’re not sure where it is if it’s not in North America, but we plan to find out…


And without much further ado:


  1. Working on fixing the bug where if the administrator entered a holiday in the past, it could potentially shift timesheet actuals.
  2. Field picker list to identify which MOPS fields will surface in a specific webpart.
  3. New custom project field type: multiple line text (!)
  4. The cool ZoomIt tool.  Every instructor/demonstrator should have this installed.
  5. Task list webpart will have a Gantt Chart display
  6. Easily configurable OLAP cubes that can be controlled by department and have specific measures loaded
  7. Some really cool SharePoint Admin stuff – which I think may still be under NDA – but stay tuned.
  8. New graphical indicators
  9. WSS 2007 + MOPS 2007 + SA = SharePoint Server 2010 + MOPS 2010
  10. New method to embed Java into PWA pages and not render it unsupported or break it on the next upgrade


This didn’t really get a rise out of the audience, but I suppose that’s telling:

  1. The Project Guide is gone.  Well, sort of gone.  It’s still there, but deactivated.  If you’re running a custom Project Guide, you can run some custom code to bring it back to life.  For the most part it’s gone though, to be replaced by the customizable ribbon.