First of all, let’s set a couple of ground rules.  You should pretty much ignore anything that Peter’s writing.  I sat next to him all day and watched his mouth gape open, the saliva slowly drip down his chin, his eyes firmly shut the entire time….  He asked to borrow my notes around lunchtime, and I never saw them afterwards.  Meanwhile, I sat there and tried to remember my vast repertoire of Danish jokes to use on the Copenhagen contingent that surrounded us – none of whom were thoughtful enough to have brought a tin of Turkish Peppers to share with their deprived American colleagues.

A couple of notes:

  1. Exactly 7 customers were in a room of 242 vendors.  That takes guts.  What takes even more guts is to raise your hand when asked to identify yourself.
  2. Exactly 1 technical writer was in a room with 242 vendors and 7 customers hungry for documentation.  That also takes guts to identify yourself.


So that being said, anyone who’s attended a Project Conference knows that there’s been a long tradition of audience interaction and public displays of affection for newly announced features.  We all remember two years ago when multiple level undo’s got a standing ovation, and last year when the SP1 target date was discussed.  Here’re a couple of things that really got a rise from the crowd today.  (From my memory after Peter absconded with my notes):

  1. Active X gone!
  2. Outlook integration gone > now replaced by Exchange integration
  3. SSP gone > now replaced by Services Admin as a part of Central Admin
  4. SharePoint Services can now be selectively allocated to Web Apps via Proxy Groups.
  5. The install package will include the Prerequisite Installer, designed to identify and install the appropriate software bits (like the current SQL installed)
  6. PWA server based multiple-level undo
  7. Copy/Paste from Excel into PWA
  8. Opening the draft database file in the browser
  9. Migration Accelerator announced – to include data validation tools for the 2003 > 2007 upgrade
  10. Department level custom field control
  11. Custom workspace templates by Department
  12. Project Manager control over individual project security (bit of a mixed reaction on this one)

Obviously there’s some cool stuff in there – and a lot of questions and concerns from the Admin types.