The Exchange 2010 MP was just recently pulled from the download site for various reasons including a quarantined mailbox situation noted below:

The latest MP was just re-released yesterday, but I find that it cannot be updated with the latest changes (changes are not noted in the MP Guide).

Notes during import:

  • I just tried to import\update the latest Exchange 2010 MP released yesterday from 14.0.650.8, but the version shows current.
  • I tried importing automatically from the catalog and manually importing it from disk for any changes to be updated within the already imported MP.
  • It appears that the Exchange MP Team didn’t update the version from the last one that was posted on the download site\catalog; therefore, the MP file cannot be updated unless removed and reimported.
  • The Management Pack guide was not updated in the latest release and shows a date of June 2012

Version showing using Catalog wont allow update:


Version using Manual Disk Import wont allow update:



Date and timestamp shows was the only file updated:

Manual Import shows verion cannot be updated:

MP Guide shows last change of June 2012: